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Chiropractic Healthcare

What makes chiropractic so successful?  It’s simplicity.

From humble beginnings…The “founding father” of chiropractic, Dr. D.D. Palmer, developed a theory that spinal misalignment caused nerve pressure or irritation which in turn caused various ailments.  He realized the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and body function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the condition of the body, and the restoration of health.

For over a century, this simple theory has stood the test of time.  It continues to heal people, prevent unwanted injury and illness without the use of drugs or surgery.

The Chiropractic Philosophy

Rather than focusing on treating disease, chiropractic healthcare’s emphasis is on creating a foundation for health within the patient. This focus is based on the philosophy that the body has an inherent recuperative power to heal itself as long as there is no stress or interference to the systems of the body. If you cut yourself, the cut will heal without conscious thought. Similarly a mother does not have to concentrate on the baby in her womb as it grows from two cells into a trillion celled, multi-differentiated living organism.

The Nervous System

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. This is the control centre of the body. All activities of the body are orchestrated by the brain. Nerve impulses travel from the brain through the spinal cord and nerves to each and every one of the trillion cells that make up the organs, muscles, and skin of the body. When you fall asleep, fight colds, breathe, digest your food, contract your muscles, see, taste, smell, sweat, or go the the toilet, it is all the work of the precise nerve impulses sent by the nervous system to the body.

What Causes Nerve Interference?

The spinal column is made up of 24 movable bones called vertebrae and the skull sits on the first vertebrae or C1 and weighs 8 -12 lbs. Muscles and ligaments attach to the spine and skull to stabilize the movable joints and allow for proper motion. Accidents, injuries, repetititve stress and tension throughout life can compromise these ligaments and muscles causing the spine and the skull to misalign. This may decrease the passageway of the nerves causing pressure and interference to the nerve impulses that communicate with the body. Sometimes this interference is felt as pain but other times the only result is improper body function. For instance interference to the nerves going to the heart can cause irregular heartbeats, or to your stomach can cause acid reflux. Interfence to your nerves can even compromise your ability to fight colds.
Doctors of chiropractic are trained to locate the areas of spinal misalignment and nerve interference and correct it. There are many types of techniques chiropractors utilize to correct the spine.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. The NUCCA method is a form of chiropractic that was developed by Drs. Ralph Gregory and John Grostic in 1941; in search of an accurate biomechanical system of upper cervical correction. Today, this highly precise procedure is used by doctors worldwide to help people of all ages regain health and wellness. The NUCCA organization actively offers seminars and conducts extensive research to help forward the understanding and treatment of the upper cervical subluxation complex.

The main focus of NUCCA treatment is to get the head and neck in proper alignment. Accidents, injuries and stress can compromise the ligaments supporting the head and upper neck area. When this happens, the first and second vertebrae can slip out of alignment, causing the head to lose its balanced position and tilt. Not only does this head tilt put excessive strain on the musculature of the neck and shoulders, but the misaligned vertebrae of the upper neck put pressure on the delicate area of the spinal cord they protect, the brain stem. The brain stem contains many neurological control centres including a centre for muscle tonicity. When there is pressure on this control centre the nerve impulses going to the muscles of the body get interrupted. This can result in muscles on one side of the body contracting tighter than those on the other, raising one hip higher, and thus “shortening” that leg. This distorts the balance and alignment of the entire body and spine. The muscles of the body compensate causing further postural changes. This can cause misalignments in other parts of the spine. The muscles of the body compensate causing further postural changes. This can cause misalignments in other parts of the spine. The muscles of the body compensate causing further postural changes. This can cause misalignments in other parts of the spine causing nerve interference to other areas of the body. This results in further altered biomechanics of the body, pain and dysfunction.

Adjusting the upper neck area with a NUCCA adjustment realigns the head and neck and releases any pressure on the brainstem allowing for relaxed, balanced muscle tone on either side of the spine. When the muscles are balanced, the spine will naturally realign to gravity. Since the body is in balance with the pull of gravity, it does not expend as much nerve flow and better body function.

How Can NUCCA Help?

Problems that may be a result of nerve interference that have been helped by NUCCA treatments include, but not limited to:


Musculoskeletal Problems

Gastrointestinal Problems
Whiplash Injuries
Ear problems
Balance Problems
Chronic fatigue
Frequent Colds
Neck/Shoulder Pain
Arm/Wrist Pain
Mid-back Pain
Low Back Pain
Hip Problems
Radiating Pain Down Legs
Knee Pain
Plantar fasciatis
Acid Reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Stomach cramps
Irregular Periods
Menstrual Cramping
Pre Menstrual Syndrome

The NUCCA Difference

The upper cervical adjustment depends upon precise mathematical calculations, physics, and biomechanics. The doctor will take pre-adjustment x-rays from different angles focusing on the upper neck. These x-rays determine the direction and degree of spinal misalignment and how to properly restore the spine to normal.

The adjustment is done by hand , directly along the calculated vector to return the upper neck to its proper position. The patient lies in a side-lying position on a low adjusting table with their head positioned specifically on a support in accordance to the x-ray calculations. When the adjustment is performed only a very slight pressure is felt. There is no extension of the head of neck during the treatment, and no audible sounds occur.

The NUCCA Procedure

  1. Consultation & Exam
  2. On the initial visit you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.  The doctor will do a thorough health history to understand your case.

    Postural analysis, weight distribution analysis, thermographic and sEMG and leg length measurement are used in the examination to determine if you are a candidate for care.

    If positive finding result from the examination the 3 view NUCCA x-ray series will be done to obtain the information needed for care.  The doctor will then do a detailed biomechanical analysis of these x-rays to determine your specific misalignment and calculate a formula for your correction.  No two misalignments are alike.  There are over 10,000 different misalignments.

  3. Second visit
  4. Report of findings
    On the second visit the doctor will go over what he found on the x-rays.  Correlate that with the exam findings and explain the plan of treatment to get you feeling better.

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